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At Desert Sierra Medical, our focus is not limited to weight loss. We develop a personalized program tailored to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and weight level, based on an in-depth medical evaluation. We emphasize weight maintenance and prevention of future weight gain. Our plans are a comprehensive program of diet and nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Individualized Programs May Include:

  • • Weekly weigh in with bioimpedance analysis.
  • • Weekly B12 injections with Methionine, Inositol, & Choline to increase energy and facilitate Lipolysis(fat breakdown).
  • • Weekly follow-ups to insure accountability and continued motivation.
  • • Bimonthly appointments with physician or board certified nurse practitioner.
  • • Monthly Comprehensive Vitamin pushes.
  • • Ongoing nutritional monitoring with the goal of achieving optimal health, weight-loss, blood sugar regulation, maximized thyroid function, and boosted energy.
  • • Nutritional plans
  • • Exercise guidelines
  • • Medical history and physical exam with prescription medicines (as deemed necessary by a licensed medical provider)
  • • Bloodwork that includes full thyroid evaluation
  • • EKG
  • • RMR Testing