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Want immediate elimination of your eyebrow furrow?
Nothing compares with the often-dramatic improvements from Botox injections, the most popular cosmetic medical procedure. Botox helps smooth out lines from frowning or squinting, and relaxes muscles in order to beautify or accentuate facial features.

How does it work?
Botox is a drug that blocks nerve transmission and relaxes the underlying muscles.  As a result the overlying skin remains unwrinkled and smooth.

What can I expect when I get treated?
Botox is injected into the specific muscle that is contracting and causing the lines and wrinkles on the face.  This significantly reduces “the expression lines” that make you look older, tired or stressed.

How long will it last?
The results from these treatments typically last 3 to 4 months.  You notice a gradual fading of its effects.  Botox offers extended relief over the course of long term treatment.